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When making our photography directory, we came across numerous photography companies, some we knew about and others we didn't. When we came across Sanjoy Shubro Photography, We were surprised we hadn't come across their work before. I would describe his work as art meets photography, which results in breathtaking shots. I am in love with his prewedding photography, so much so that I'm hoping he's available when its time for me to get married!

Company: Sanjoy Shubro Photography
Chief Photographer: Sanjoy Shubro
Based in: Chittagong
Coverage: Services provided all over Bangladesh and internationally
Female team member: Not currently

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am Sanjoy Shubro, working as a wedding portrait photographer in Bangladesh since 2007. Besides wedding photography service I am taking workshops regularly to help others to establish in wedding photography business. My inspiration is Jerry Ghionis, one of the best wedding photographers in the world. I do learn myself everyday from Google and you tube. I think those who want to learn, Google is the best teacher.

What services do you provide?
We are now providing only wedding photography and glamour portrait photography service. I also offer destination pre/post wedding photo session.

How much experience do you have as a photographer?
I am working since 2007 and I have covered over 300 weddings. Now a day we are covering 40-50 weddings per year. We don’t do more than that because we believe in service and client satisfaction.

What is your style of photography?
I think my style of wedding photography is a mixture of glamour and moment. The clients hire us because they trust us. We want them look glamorous on their very special day of life.

Are your packages negotiable?
We have some packages. So customer can choose anyone. As we believe in service we don’t go for any negotiation

What venues have you worked at previously?
I have worked almost all venues. But I think the best experience I had in Nilgiri and Cox’s Bazar where I was with my client for pre/post wedding session. Those places are best for destination wedding.

Are you open to working alongside other photography companies?
No, our service is only limited to our companies. 

Do you work from a list of shots?
I don’t have any list of shots. But every time I work in a wedding I always take some common shots first. Then I do try different interesting shots.
Can a client request certain pictures to be taken?
Yes, because it is their day. We always listen to the client first what they need, what they want from us. We actually share our ideas with them before the wedding. We also take note if they request for any specific moment.

How soon after the wedding can a client expect their photos?
Usually it takes no longer than 20 days after the event.
What equipment do you use? (camera, lenses, editing software)
I do use Nikon D610 and D7000 body. I have 50mm, 35mm, 85mm, 18-105mm.
I do use lightroom for editing with my own preset.

Do you bring your own lighting?
We have so many lighting options for the client. Actually it depends on the event. But I do always carry 4 flashes, one video LED light, one adjustable torch light for dramatic photos.

Do you have backup equipment/dual card slot?
We always keep back up. We always take one backup body canon 5d mark 2 which is used by my associate photographer. For clients, with payment any client can keep their photos in my website with password for unlimited time periods.

 Do you have a substitute if you are sick on the day of the wedding?
I have substitutes. They work for me and trained by me for long time.

Do you use client’s photography for advertising purposes?
We have contract paper, and if client allows us, we consider using photos for advertisement purposes.

How far in advance should a client book your services?

It depends on the booking.We believe in first come first served. But we appreciate if the client books us one month before, and we  have at least one meeting before the event.
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