Bangladeshi Fusion Weddings

7:08 AM

As much as we love Bangladeshi Weddings, we love how creative fusion weddings can be. The merging of two different cultures can traditions can be quite difficult. Today we are sharing a few events that have been pulled off flawlessly. We do not own the rights to these photos, they belong to their respective copyright owners.

Sarah and Ben - Bangladeshi + Jewish Wedding

Sarah and Ben had an amazing fusion wedding that highlights both her Bangladeshi heritage and his Jewish Heritage. We love Sarah's Tarun Tahiliani gown that incorporates the bling of a lehenga and the elements of a ball gown. The bridesmaids wore pretty sarees as well as mehendi. Judging from the photos we can see that everyone definitely had a blast!

Samantha + Heinz - Bangladeshi + American/European Wedding

Samantha and Heinz had the perfect balance of Bangladeshi traditions in their fusion wedding. We love her unique Sabyasachi ensemble and the amount of attention that was paid to every little detail. From the chai stall to the drinks stand, the amount of detail is phenomenal. The end result was a beautiful fusion wedding and gaye holud.  

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