5 Easy Bridal Manicure Ideas

4:14 PM

I love doing my nails, and over the course of a week I change my manicure at least a few times. I'm surprised that nail art is not a big thing in Bangladesh yet. For each of my wedding events, I will have a different manicure. I am a perfectionist so I pay attention to the tiniest of details. I hope I can inspire you with a bit of red and gold bling for your nails.  These are all quite simple ideas, and if anyone would like a tutorial please leave a comment. Also check out our directory for some nail artists based in Dhaka. 
If this isn't quite for you, then a classic french manicure always looks fabulous.

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Red Gold Manicure Bangladeshi
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Red Gold Bangladeshi Manicure Bridal
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Red Gold Bangladeshi Manicure Bridal
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Red Gold Bangladeshi Manicure Bridal
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