Wedding Invitation Guide

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Your wedding invitation is the first impression of your wedding. In the past, guests were invited by word of mouth. The family of the bride/groom visited relatives homes in order to personally invite them. Bring on 2014, and things have changed a lot. There are new ways to communicate, through email or phone call but sending an invitation is the more acceptable way to invite guests.

The most important thing is that the invitation conveys the personalities of the bride and groom. It also sets the tone for the entire event, so it is important to try and create an invite that matches the style of the wedding.There are many ways an invitation can be customized  to reflect the couple and the event. The size and stock of the invitation, ink colors, typefaces, monograms and other design elements can all be used. If you can't find something that truly represents you, there is always the option of having a custom designed invite.

love this invite.

1. Define your wedding style
Your invitation is your guests first impression of your wedding. Whether its classic & elegant or glam & modern, it should be reflected in your style of wedding invitation.  

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2. Pick the colors
Next step is to pick the colors and any other details like a monogram that you may want carried out through your wedding details, e.g place cards, menu cards and ceremony programs for a more cohesive look. Just make sure the colors are easy to read.

3. Shape & Size
A 4.5 by 6.5 inch rectangle is the traditional shape and size of wedding invitations. However squares, circles and scalloped edges are becoming popular choices. Keep in mind, the larger the invited, the higher the postage cost. 

4. Get the words right
There is a lot of etiquette in writing a wedding invitation (like whose name should go first). A wedding is a very traditional event so it is important to uphold these small traditions and get it right.

5. Legibility
This one is quite straight forward. To make your invitation easier to read, use clear fonts, bold colors and keep it minimal and to the point.

6. Don't forget the envelope
Add a bit of flair to your envelope. White is so boring. A few ideas are glitter, diamantes, ribbon and custom stamps. You wan't your guests excited to open the envelope.

7. Guest Names
Try and get the spelling of guests names correct. To add a personal touch, hand-write names in calligraphy. If you have atrocious handwriting, you can always ask a friend. You could use colorful gel pens, or metallic markers.

8. Triple check the proof
There is nothing worse than a wedding invitation with typos, oh wait there is, 300 invitations with typos. So check you invite a multitude of times, get your mum & dad, sister, brother and significant others family to also check it before getting it printed. 

9. Count households
When counting how many invites you need, remember to count by the number of families.

10. Order extra

Some invites may get lost in the mail, your mother's long lost cousin may decide to come to the wedding or your significant other may want to invite his best friends in-laws. You will definitely need to keep some spare. We recommend about 25 just to be safe. 

Where to find invitations in Bangladesh

There are numerous invitation outlets all over Bangladesh. Visit our directory to find one in your local area. The two most popular companies are Azad products and Ideal Products. They have a wide selection of cards to pick from and can even work with you to come up with a custom design. If you are looking for something truly unique, you can always find a fine arts student willing to come up with a specifically for you.


Obviously the price will be dependent on the quality and design of the invitation. Price for an average invitation ranges from 20-350 taka.  The price will depend on the quality and design. Scroll and boxed invitations are more costly than the regular type.

Delivery time

It is recommended to order your invitations well in advance. We don't have save the date cards in our culture so you need to get your invites out as soon as you have a date and venue set. Dependent on your design and quantity, the delivery time can range from 3 days to 1 week. 

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