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Excellence in wedding photography and cinematography in Bangladesh. “Life is not measured by number of breaths we take It is measured by number of moments that Take our breaths away…” We help you experience some of those moments for a lifetime!!! is a well known photography and cinematography company based in Dhaka. Their portfolio includes some of the most glamorous BD weddings to date. They are a group of talented photographers that cater to each couples individual requirements.

Based in:  We are based in Dhaka.
Coverage:  Yes, we enjoy destination weddings too.
Female team member: Yes

Tell us a little about yourself:
We pride ourselves on our high standards and personal service and draw great satisfaction from delighting our clients. We are leaders in the field of personal story telling and are honored to provide our clients with wedding, party and biography films they can treasure forever. By creating all our work in-house, we are able to provide a personalized service that yields the best possible results. As a small, friendly independent business, our clientele includes everyone from private individuals to celebrities and royalty, all of whom receive our high quality service! 

After spending a long time watching other wedding videos and their style of work, we began to feel bored and irritated after only a few moments. We realized we could make a more beautiful and exciting wedding films from the experience we had gained, so Cinematic Bride Films was born in 2009. 

 We love what we do! We produce wedding films for couples seeking elegant, contemporary and stylish cinematography. Couples are increasingly seeing the value of having their wedding filmed to be able to relive all of the special moments long after the day is over. With Cinematic Bride Films, you can rest assured that our professionalism and experience will capture the day as it happened, pure candidness! 

 Our aim is to give our couples something that they can look back on after many years and they feel the same emotions that they felt on that special day. We want their moments to be their moments for the rest of their lives. We feel our style and attention to detail separates us from other wedding filmmakers and photographers. We want each special moment to be captured and relived through our films, documenting and presenting this in a breathtaking way. We love what we do and we love the films we make.

What services do you provide?
We are specialized in Wedding Films. However, we are widely keeping our presence in Wedding Cinematography, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Corporate and Social cultural events.

How much experience do you have as a photographer? was founded in 2004, so it’s nearly a decade we have been capturing emotions for our clients. We have covered more than 1000 events and plan to go grow more.

What is your style of photography?
Our impact on your wedding day is minimal and no direction is given to capture the beautiful imagery we achieve. We believe that capturing the emotions you experience on your day, as well as the excitement and happiness of your family and friends is an ART FORM.

Are your packages negotiable?
No. But sometimes we tailor our packages to fit in client’s requirements.
What venues have you worked at previously?
We have worked most of the venues in Dhaka and Chittagong. 

Are you open to working alongside other photography companies?
We do not mind to work with others as long as they value photography virtues.

Do you work from a list of shots? 

Photography is a creative field and every assignment is unique. It’s nearly impossible to categorise the coverage within a list if we keep in mind that our clients have put their trust to make a coverage that stays for their lifetime.

Can a client request certain pictures to be taken?Yes, certainly, it’s their event and they are our first priority.
How soon after the wedding can a client expect their photos?
Why not on the next day!!! As we have made it before on some special cases. But depending on packages and workloads, in general we need 1-3 weeks to deliver Edited/Printed photos, around 4-8 weeks to deliver Cinematography and 6-10 weeks to deliver Wedding Films.

What equipment do you use? (camera, lenses, editing software)
We are Canon fans and always love to play with the latest top notch gadgets.
I do use lightroom for editing with my own preset.

Do you bring your own lighting?
Depending on events, we bring portable lights and studio set ups but we always try to use those as minimum as possible. We often found it awkward for guests and client if photographers keep trailing on the stage. We need to remember, it’s a wedding not any model shoot; unfortunately lots of photographers forget these and make a circus.

Do you have backup equipment/dual card slot?
We always carry back up for everything.

Do you have a substitute if you are sick on the day of the wedding?
Yes, we do.

Do you use client’s photography for advertising purposes?
This is our main drawbacks, we always found ourselves lazy on marketing. Anyway, most of our clients approve us to share some of their captures in our favour.

How far in advance should a client book your services?
We always request our clients to pre-book us as soon as their events are scheduled. It will not cost them any money but definitely will help them not to lose our services

20. Do you have any tips for better photos?
Tips for the future clients: Please go with the professionals, whose work you like most. For some decisions, it’s worthy not to compromise. It might seems difficult to invest little more extra on photography budget to get the best professionals but the truth is “end of the day, these footages and photos are the only source that will remind the moments of your big day and tell the story to all.” We found one of our clients shortened her guest list just to accommodate for her best day. In regards of colours, stages and lightings, we should say this is not an issue for wedding photographers. These all can be manageable. Make your decor as the way you want and as a professional it will be our task to capture the moment and represent them on the best possible way. We all professionals should remember that we are hired on a wedding to be the part of someone’s best day, not to waste their precious time by making them pose and make the full process such heavy that the new couple and guest feel embarrassed. If we really dire to get some posed shot, there is always some chances for couple of minutes within those 5-6 hrs; however, the role of a professional is to use every opportunities accurately, neatly and effectively. | Website | Facebook | Packages
Cinematic Bride Films | Website | Facebook | Packages
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