Real Wedding: Tajkia and Nafees

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How they met
In Tajkia's words, "We met during a conference that the MSAs put together from our respective colleges each year. We both attended this from our schools, which was held in Austin, TX that year, and ended up briefly meeting there. Then we became friends on Facebook and realized we’re both from colleges in Dallas, TX. He went to Southern Methodist University and I went to University of Texas at Dallas. We eventually met up a couple of months later and started to hang out once in a while. About a year after we met, we started dating!" 
The Proposal
According to Tajkia, Nafees is a true romantic at heart. This is how Tajkia describes her fairy tale proposal: 

"Before our engangement party Nafees surprised me by setting up this plan secretly with our photographer. He asked photographer Axel Leong to e-mail me asking if I wanted to do a complimentary photoshoot before the party. And of course I said yes! So the day of the photoshoot I got ready and went to the Dallas Arboretum and started walking around with Nafees waiting for our photographer to arrive. An hour or two passed by and I kept texting Axel asking if he is on his way. He said he was stuck in traffic, he’ll be there soon, etc. Then finally we decided to rest and sat down under a tree. I was getting fed up by this time lol! And we laid out on the grass on a perfect spring day in 2012. And as we’re laying there Nafees pulled out a ring, the first thing he said was that he forgot about the ring I was eyeing so he picked a different one, and if I would still marry him with this ring! I started laughing and said what in the world?…aren’t we supposed to be doing a photoshoot today? What!? You’re proposing?? Then, of course I said yes!  He explained how he ordered the ring he wanted to get me, but he wanted me to see it at the party which was coming up in a week. It was a low key proposal and the people around us didn’t even realize what he did but it was our moment and I loved it. And about our was a set up! Axel played along with it for the sake of the surprise and I totally fell for it!" 

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Tajkia and Nafees had just a bit over a year to plan their big day. To add personal touches to the wedding, they incorporated Tajkia's favourite colour pink into the stage and decor. Plus it complimented her pink lehenga.

The Engagement Shoot
What was your inspiration behind the shoot?
"I think our inspiration came from bollywood! We did a few outfit changes and in one of them I wore a sari and I definitely had my poses and sari remind me of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!"

We had our engagement shoot in different parts of Dallas, TX

The Engagement Party
How fabulous is that hair! 
Updated family photos with the new additions!
The Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was held at the local mosque
The Gaye Holud
How creative are these feet shaped dalas? Love them!
The groomsmen and bridesmaids had different coloured saris and punjabis to differentiate sides!
The Wedding Reception
 "My absolute favorite venue was our wedding ceremony/reception at the Hilton Fort Worth. The ceiling caught my eye and I had to have my wedding there as soon we saw it. The entire ceiling was covered in chandeliers! And once we had the décor in there and uplighting, the entire ballroom looked like a fairy tale. Definitely my dream wedding."
The Bride and Groom definitely got the best of both worlds, by having two cakes!
Lucky bride with a designer trousseau! 

Tajkia had three favourite songs played at her wedding one being during this moment when her parents walked her in to the song "Piya O Re Piya" from Tere Naal Love Hogaya.

What was your favourite aspect of your wedding celebrations? Our wedding reception was a lot of fun. We had an outfit change so Nafees and I first wore red sari/sherwani and after we did the garland exchange/mirror/etc. we changed into lehenga/tuxedo. It was traditional and formal all in one event!
These photos capture four different traditions. Starting from the top left corner going clockwise:
1) Giving away ceremony where the brides family hands the bride over to the grooms family.
2) Shoe stealing tradition where the brides sides kidnaps the grooms shoe and asks for a ransom for its return.
3) The mirror tradition where the bride and groom see each other for the "first" time and compliment each other.
4) The very self explanatory bouquet ceremony. 
Another one of her favourite songs was during this moment, when they had an outfit change and walked in as husband and wife “Saibo” from Shor in the City.

The third favourite song was during the first dance which was to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley (different cover)

Check out Tajkia & Nafees from Texpertz on Vimeo.
Venues: Engagement at Addison Event Center  |Holud at Roma Palace  |Holi at a private residence  |Wedding at Hilton Fort Worth  |Photographer and Videographer: Texpertz Photography  |Event Decor: Weddings By Farah  |Cake Decorator: That’s the Cake  |Dalas: Homemade  |Caterers: Roma Palace for Holud  |Mom’s Spice for wedding.  |Entertainment: Outspoken Vision Entertainment

The Bride
Makeup Artist: Hina Saleem for the Engagement shoot and holud |Alexandria from Ms Painted Lady Artistry for the rest of the events  |Mehndi Artist: Zohra from Dallas, Texas  |Bridal Jewellery: Amin Jewellers  |Holud Jewellery: Market flower vendors (Gulshan 1, Dhaka)  |Brides Outfits: Given by in-laws and purchased from India. 

The Groom
Grooms Outfits: Purchased from India  |Turban from Houstan Texas. 

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